Many people enjoy gardening and now you can have a more environmentally friendly option for planting seeds and flowers. You can re-use your toilet rolls by just cutting the bottom corners then folding then into a type of cup then putting the soil and seeds inside them. Toilet rolls are made of cardboard so a much better and cheaper option.

It is important to keep monitoring the growth of the seeds because the roll will only work until they are too big but then they can be re-planted into a garden or bigger pot.

An even better option would be our range of biodegradable toilet paper that is available as they are made from sugar cane so the toilet rolls are the best option when planting seeds and flowers.

They are available for home use or business use, sold in bulk quantities and available nationally. You can easily order them on our online store and select delivery to make it hassle free for you.

We all need to be more conscious of how we live and the products that we use, not just until they are finished but how they are actually disposed of. It is not just our health that gets affected but the environment and even the animals as well. If we all take small steps to improving our living to more of an eco-friendly and environmentally-friendly mindset then we can make a big difference.