MPower – Menstrual Cup


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Includes 1 Mpower menstrual cup, 1 storage bag & 1 instruction leaflet


  • 100% silicon, no impurities (no colour as colour is not silicon and an impurity)
  • Clear silicon menstrual cup
  • Flat tab with grip rings (a hollow tab does not clean easily)
  • 4 seal release holes placed below the rim (The Mcup has a small rim and the holes are a decent distance away from the rim so the vaginal walls conform and close off the holes. only 2 holes which make it more difficult to remove as one needs to fold in the correct place so that one of the holes is revealed.  The Mcup has 4 holes which makes it easier as 2 will always be revealed and releases the vacuum.)
  • 2 sizes available
  • Light flow size:  capacity 18ml, length including stem 45mm, diameter 39ml
  • Standard flow size:  capacity 27ml, length including stem 50mm, diameter 42mm
  • Produced in FDA certified approved factory (see FDA link for Shaft Technical Mouldings, Ottery, Cape Town)
  • Locally produced
  • Site visit option  (you MUST visit the factory)
  • Raw materials certification (to ensure the menstrual cup is in fact made from medically approved silicon)
  • Durable storage bag made by a community sewing project (silk material is not durable)