Msulwa – Eco-Scrubbies: For Personal Care or Kitchen Use


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Brighten up your cleaning routine and improve your carbon footprint with our Msulwa Life handmade Eco-Scrubbies! Our Scrubbies are made from eco-friendly recycled cotton, locally made in South Africa!

Eco Fact:
It takes a huge amount of water to grow cotton which depletes valuable water sources and therefore contributes to environmental harm. Our Scrubbies are made with 85% recycled cotton which was produced in a sustainable process where NO water was used in the production, providing a very low carbon footprint!

Personal Bathroom Use:
Boost your cleansing routine with the Scrubbie benefits listed below!

  • Rejuvenation – light exfoliation can make your skin more youthful and bright
  • Using a Scrubbie with soap maximizes the benefits of washing, resulting in better skin cleansing, freeing it from dirt, oil and sweat

Kitchen Use:

  • Crochet Scrubbies are essential for every kitchen
  • They are very effective in cleaning dishes, pots and pans
  • They are durable and last longer than plastic sponges and cloths


Each 2-piece Eco-Scrubbie set includes:
1x Square Scrubbie: 21cm x 21cm, looped for easy hang & dry
1x Round Scrubbie: 8cm x 8cm, looped for easy hang & dry

Washing Options:
1) Every few days, soak and wash in a bucket of soapy boiling water
2) Throw into your next washing load
3) If you need to ultra-sanitize, place in a bucket of diluted bleach – NOTE: This will discolour the cotton, but that does not really matter, it will still work the same way!

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Pink – 2 Piece Set (1 Square & 1 Round Srubbie), Blue – 2 Piece Set (1 Square & 1 Round Srubbie), Beige – 2 Piece Set (1 Square & 1 Round Srubbie)