Msulwa – Face Scrubbies – Pack of 5 Colours


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These crocheted scrubbies represent the fresh & bright upcoming season of Spring with their burst of natural colours. Each handmade scrubbie has a diameter of 7,5 to 8cm. 

Supporting Local Women
The yarn used for our scrubbies was hand-dyed and rolled by women from an economically depressed rural area of South Africa. Choosing to use their cotton brings empowerment & economic benefits to their community. The crocheting of the scrubbies was also done locally by South African women.

Disposable cotton wool pads are a huge contributor to environmental waste; not only because of their single use but also because of the volume of water used to grow cotton for a disposable product. Switching to a washable & reusable make-up round is a better ecological choice.

How to use
Your face scrubbies can be used with either warm water, make-up remover, toner, or cleanser to clean your face and neck. They are machine washable but ideally, wash more regularly by hand & hang to dry using the handy loop.

Every product is unique, just like you. If you’re looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Face Scrubbies – Pack of 5 Colours is for you.

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