Msulwa – Natural Day & Night Facial Cleansing Bars


2 x 50g Bars

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A little goes a long way – Using only a small amount at a time on your hand or konjac sponge, wash your face in gentle circular motions. The bars have a great nutrient-dense composition meaning they are going to last you a long time, many months!

Zero Waste- Using this long lasting zero waste & plastic free facial cleanser bar instead of a liquid cleanser (usually in plastic bottles) saves you money and protects the environment from plastic bottle waste!

These bars are packed with many healthful natural herbs, spices, and superfoods that have ancient healing properties for the skin. The Day and Night bars have different combinations of ingredients, each designed to suit the different needs of the skin for morning and evening.

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60 Cotton Buds (30 White Round Tips & 30 Brown Pointed Tips), 60 Cotton Rounded Buds (30 White & 30 Brown)