Msulwa – Natural Laundry & Dish Cubes


2 x 50g Cubes

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AWAY with plastic bottles! These eco-soap cubes are useful both in the kitchen for washing dishes and cleaning surfaces & in the laundry for hand washing clothes. Made with Eco-Friendly & Bio-ingredients that are gentle on skin & fabrics.

We often have many liquid cleaning products in plastic bottles for different needs around the house. Our cubes have so many cleaning uses and, with their concentrated, natural, zero waste formula, they will save you money, space and, at the same time, protect the environment from plastic waste!

This multi-purpose soap is ideal for the following and more!
Laundry: Hand washing clothing
Kitchen: Hand washing dishes
Bathroom: Washing hands
Around the house: Washing multiple surfaces

Made With Natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals
Colloidal Silver, Lemon Extract, Bicarbonate of Soda, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Bergamot Essence & Wild flowers Oil.

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