Msulwa – Reusable Facial Rounds


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Our reusable facial rounds are made from blends of Bamboo Cotton, Organic Cotton and Hemp Cotton. They are the perfect alternative to replacing disposable cotton wool pads! Our fabrics are sustainable, biodegradable and plastic free. Even our label tags are printed on paper embedded with flower seeds, so you can bury them in your garden after unpacking!

In your pack you will receive a total of 10 reusable facial rounds:

  • 4x Organic Cotton & Hemp Blend rounds, great to exfoliate your face by applying your favourite toner or cleanser.
  • 2x Activated-Charcoal Cotton Blend rounds, these are soft and perfect for your sensitive skin and are best for removing dark makeup around your eyes.
  • 4x Bamboo Cotton rounds are silky soft and gentle on the skin, providing an antibacterial and hypoallergenic feature, protecting your skin from bacteria.
  • 1x Organic Cotton Travel Bag, used for storing your clean and dry reusable rounds.
  • 1x Organic Cotton Laundry Mesh Wash Bag, used for storing all your used rounds, either to hang and dry or to throw into your next laundry load.