Solar Power

Take back your power by converting to solar.  

The trend to convert to solar power solutions is continuously increasing for homes as well as for businesses. South Africa has sunshine most days which makes solar power an excellent option to convert to.

Converting to solar power means that you would be using the power of the sun to create energy which is used for electricity. This reduces your monthly electricity consumption as well as being a natural solution that reduces air pollution. You will also avoid the frustration and being stuck without electricity during load shedding or power outages.

There are various soar solutions available to suit your requirements as well as budget. It may be costly initially but the long-term savings are quite incredible. Your appliances and heating systems can be converted to solar power and a complete system can be set to switch on or off at a certain time during the day or evening so that it is automated, saving you the hassle.

The solar industry is expanding with the latest technology which now includes solar roof tiles that can be integrated into building and ultimately increase the value of your property also. Whether you own a fixed property, container home, tiny home or caravan, we have a solar power solution for you.

Nature’s power, made efficient for you.

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