Over the years many of us have taken water for granted until there were restrictions put in place. We are here to offer a system that allows you to always have access to water by storing rain water and re-using bath water. This system can be connected to your irrigation system or sprinkler system that can even be automated to be turned on at a certain time when it is best during the day.

Our systems are sold to accommodate small homes up to large businesses or agricultural properties. There are various tanks available that are of the highest quality, boasting a 10 year warranty. Additional we offer an eco-friendly grey water cleaning product that will be mixed into the tank and this allows the water to be re-used.

The ultimate goal is to reduce your water consumption saving you on your monthly water expenses as well as the national usage which is often under pressure.

Our technicians are qualified and experienced to offer valuable advice on the best possible solution for your home or business. You can convert to a gas geyser, gas stove and other appliances too.

We currently operate throughout Gauteng so feel free to get in touch for a quotation or consultation on your gas requirements.

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